Version 0.003Alpha Released

Hi all.

I have been a bit bust this week with my real job and life in general. But I have mad a bit of an effort to get another release ready for the world to rest. Check out the release notes/ change log below.

Version 0.003A 201709161907 Release Notes:
Added text to resource sliders so its easier to tell how much the player has
Limited resources quantities
Fixed intermittent movement lag bug
Adjusted gun costs
Made level 3 and 4 guns less OP
Game now starts with zombies already on the map and no longer waits for the end of day one
Made loading/instruction screen better
Added basic game stats to death screen
Added current weapon indicator to show what weapon the player has
Weapons now give 50 ammo when picked up
Reduced overall game size by implementing sprite sheet instead on individual files
Change many item models to reduce file sizes and system resource usage
Sped up player movement. player can not 'just' out run low level zombies
Changed day night cycle. better day lighting and not so dark at night
Added pipe bombs (decoys) select and throw with right mouse. Attracts nearby zombies and explodes after 30 a short delay killing all in range
Wall block can now be removed. Hold shift and right click when cursor turns yellow. Returns 20% of build cost.
Fixed bug where picking up a weapon would remove all the players ammo.
Fixed volume issue for shotgun. it is now more in level with other weapons.
Removed ore model as it's file size was way to big. replaced with simple sphere for the moment.
Added player weapon: AK47.
Adjusted drop values and frequency. Now less often but with more value.
Added Removable wall blocks. Player regains 1/4 of the build costs. Hold SHIFT and right click to remove items.
Cursor will turn yellow on removable items when shift is held down and item is in range.
Improved how player stats are handled for cleaner Game Controller to UI interface ( less steps from stat change to UI update). Now happens on same frame.
Fixed bug where player aim would drift over time or when bumping in to objects. As a result also have faster and smoother movement and rotation
Made flares ( and future pipe bombs) available via drops only. They can no longer be bought with resources. Also placed a limit on how many of each can be carried.
Added small intro and instruction screen after player clicks player button while level is loading. Simple place holder for planed level intro later.

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Sep 17, 2017

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